placing orders

when placing a calligraphy order, please follow these steps:

  • contact me
  • Use the first contact form to begin the order process. Provide your name, product quantity and time frame.  I will get back to you right away to confirm your information.
  • choose a calligraphy style 
  • Visit the “CALLIGRAPHY SAMPLES” and “CALLIGRAPHY PHOTOS” sections on this site to view sample calligraphy styles, and “PRICING” to view costs, which vary per style.  
  • choose an ink color 
  • finalize your list
  • choose a shipping category
  • calculate your cost (optional)
  • send me your list(s) & paper materials
  • pay for your order

contact me

choose a calligraphy style

choose an ink color

Any color ink can be custom-mixed for any calligraphy style for no additional charge.  Please specify what you’re trying to match, and include a sample with your paper stock.

finalize your list

Make sure you have all your names and addresses (or table assignments) ready before you send the list(s)—or at least as close to “ready” as you can.  Keep in mind that adding names and addresses later may delay the completion of your order and will increase the cost.  If you have not provided enough extra paper stock, additions are not possible (see below for information about extra stock, or “overage”).

Address lists should be in “paragraph” or “label” format only, NOT spreadsheet format (in which lines run side-to-side).  Addresses provided in spreadsheet format incur a $15.00 reformatting fee (no exceptions), and 1 business day is added to turnaround time.

choose a shipping category

You have a choice of four shipping options: STANDARD (free), EXPEDITED, RUSH and OVERNIGHT RUSH.  “Standard” orders are shipped or delivered free of charge; “expedited” and “rush” orders are shipped for the applicable cost of shipping (shipping charges may be calculated once paper materials are received so they can be weighed).

calculate your cost (optional)

You can calculate how much your order will cost based on the number of names and/or addresses (etc.) you have, the calligraphy style you have chosen (see “pricing”), and the shipping method you have chosen .  If you prefer, an itemized list and pricing estimate will be emailed to you.

send your list(s) and paper materials

You have a few options for providing your paper materials.  You may mail them (see “contact us”); you may hand deliver them (see “contact us”); or you may arrange to have them picked up.  If you ordered your invitations from Rugg Road in Boston, Mass., you may have your materials picked up directly from the shop (if providing envelopes, please remember to leave only the envelopes, not the entire invitation sets!).

Your list with names and/or addresses may be provided with your paper materials or it may be emailed to:

When you provide your list and materials, please include your name, phone number(s), email address, calligraphy style of choice, ink color of choice, shipping address (if applicable) any any special instructions.


ADDITIONAL STOCK:  Please provide a minimum of 10-15% additional paper stock for me to work with (minimum 10% for quantities up to 50, minimum 12.5% for quantities between 51 and 99, and minimum 15% for quantities 100 and over).   For example, if you have 76 items on your list, please provide a minimum of at least 10 additional pieces of paper stock.

If your list has more than 5 overseas addresses (excepting those to Canada) please provide a minimum of 20% extra stock.

ERRORS:  Orders are checked twice for accuracy but occasionally errors occur.  Errors on the fault of the calligrapher are corrected a.s.a.p. free of charge.  Errors from or changes to the list provided by the client are subject to additional charges (pricing per piece, “rush” charges if needed within 5 business days, and all mailing fees).

pay for your order

PAYMENT TERMS:  Payment is due in full before the order is released; no deposits.  That means payment must be received before the order is shipped or delivered to you.  Checks or PayPal are accepted; in some cases, cash is accepted; please call or email for details.


You’re ready to place your calligraphy order.  I look forward to completing it for you.

(Any questions?  Send an email to

or leave a message at 978.376.8220).

© Astrid Elizabeth Wendth 2012